Carnival Glass Action Newsletter Archives  January 2012 - Present

Our newsletter, Carnival Glass Action, is a joint venture of the Texas Carnival Glass Club and the Heart of America Carnival Glass Association. It is full of educational articles, TCGC and HOACGA convention information, and stories about exciting Carnival Glass finds from collectors just like you. The premier issue of the newsletter was published in January of 2012. Check out our our membership page to learn more about of the Texas Carnival Glass Club.

Material published in the newsletters is not to be reprinted without the consent of the author and the editor. Please contact our TCGC Editor, Elaine Blair, for permission before using any material from these archives. Enjoy reading them. 













Jan          Dugan Petal and Fan, Fenton's Fuschia Bon-Bon

Mar          Bob Grissom's HOACGA Legacy, A Celebration of Carnival Glass

May         TCGC and HOACGA  convention display winners

Jul           The elusive six-inch plate, Collectible HOACGA Souvenirs

Sep         Fenton's Pinecone pattern, Jain's Golden Hare

Nov         Patience Pays Off, Confusing Imperial Geometric Patterns


Jan          Carnival Glass Rules, Stork and Rushes punch set 

Mar          What's Cool About Carnival Glass?, A Hearfelt Discovery

May         Carnival Glass Addict Paul Stein, Grape and Cable Hatpin Holders

Jul           Frosted Block plate, Carnival Glass Addicts Ellen & Keith RIchardson

Sep         Austin, Texas Closet Collectors, Golden Wedding whiskey bottles 

Nov         Elusive Blue Ripple vase, Crossover vases


Jan          Carnival Glass Addict Jim Kimbro, Imperial Heavy Diamond  

Mar         Ice blue Dandelion pitcher, Dugan's Roundup design elements

May         TCGC Convention Show & Tell, A Unique Odd couple

Jul           Iridized Black Glass Buttons, Christmas (Compotes)in July

Sep         Dugan's Adam's Rib, Advertising - Name that State 

Nov         A Couple's Shared Passion, Diamond Lace


Jan           Eric Hansen's Art Glass, Green Peacock at the Fountain 

Mar            Collectors Robert and Kathy Shoemaker, Fanciful Shelf Piece

      Fenton's Orange Tree mugs, Eagle Ash Tray

Art Deco Influences, Elusive Carnival Glass finds

ABC's of Carnival, Provenance: The Story of your glass

           Damaged Glass: Who Cares? Sydney: A pattern with propellers


Jan          Gary Heavin blames his grandmother, Carnival Glass Black Friday sales

Mar          A new collector shares her story, Frosty wihite Grape and Cable

May         Sharing the love of Carnival Glass, Jane Dinkins' traveling duck 

Jul           The Wild Bunch, Marie Capps: Pastel collecting legend

Estate Sale Lessons, Laurel Leaf Candle Lamps      

Nov         Tumbler collector Cecil Whitley, Star and File small plates   


          Carnival Glass journey with Galen and Kathi Johnson, Two-Eyed Elks bowl

Mar         Dorothy Morgan, Carnival Glass Addict, Harvest Poppy compote 

          Sage family collecting addiction, Frosted Block spitoon

Jul           Collector questions answered, Northwood Grape and Cable pattern variations

Sep          Dugan Heavy Web, Scarab paperweight and lamp shade

Nov          Hatpins: A surprising history, Love comes in many forms


Dee and Paul Bekemeier collection, Scarab hatpin

Mar          The hunt for an elusive Grape and Cable water set, Christmas trip anitque mall shopping success

May           Visiting carnival glass collections with the Morgan's, Handling carnival glass

Carnival Glass Addict Dale McHalek, Blackberry Wreath Variant

 Miniature Muley and Elsie cows, Pack rat collectors Rick and Debbie Graham

           Millersburg Bullseye and Loop vase, Cambridge Inverted Feather


 Jan           Hurricane Lamps, Remembering Ed and Marilyn Gaida

Mar          How HOACGA got started, Arnold and Dorothy Snell collection

Jun         What's your favorite piece? Palm Beach, a scarce pattern

Jul          "Poor Man's" Tiffany in Florida, Tornado vases

Sep         Four Flowers Marriage, Peach Opal Farmyard bowl

Nov         Roy and Charlene Hieger collection, Hobstar and Arches base



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