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The articles below were written by members of the Texas Carnival Glass Club (TCGC) and were previously published in the RANGER, Carnival Glass Action, or on the TCGC web site. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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The Closet Collector

September 2018 Carnival Glass Action | Walt Robinson

A look into the world of a carnival collector who has amassed a large collection, but never joined clubs, attended conventions, or met auctioneers. Read More

Athina and Nola (Pompei) Vases Feature Art Deco Influences

July 2016 Carnival Glass Action | Sandy Sage

If you are attracted to geometric rather than naturalistic patterns in Carnival Glass, these vases from Europe may appeal to you. Similar elements in the two vases are reminiscent of the Art Deco style of the 1920s and 30s. Read More

2015 - A Tribute to Dean Fry... Carnival glass pioneer

This article written by Larry Kieg is made available to you through the courtesy of the ICGA organization and web site. Click here to view the article

2015 - Interview with Dolores Sage

Video interview regarding the foundation and activities of the Iridescent Nation kids carnival glass club, hosted by Brian Pitman. Click here to see the interview

A Texas Excursion

November 2011 RANGER | Dolores Sage

Having collected carnival glass since the 1960s and having a rather extensive library of carnival research materials, I thought I was quite knowledgeable about the subject. Alas, a recent Texas antique hunt with the family soon burst my bubble. As we wandered through the aisles, we spied a large marigold pedestal-footed carnival bowl with a sign tossed in the bowl that said, Dugan. Read More

2008 Convention Whitley Award Dinner Honoring Jack and Eleanor Hamilton

May 2008 RANGER | Emmett Morgan

The annual Whitley-sponsored dinner was presided over by Emmett Morgan as master of ceremonies. The Whitley’s provided a lovely, enjoyable meal and numerous members honored Jack and Eleanor Hamilton with reminiscences of past years. Floyd Whitley recalled the Waco meetings when members would sit, visit, and Jack would smoke. Read More

Jane Dinkins Gifts Collection to Texas Carnival Glass Club

April 2009 RANGER | Emmett Morgan

Jane Dinkins called me one Saturday morning last November and said she wanted to give our club her carnival glass collection. I thought or assumed that she was going to leave her collection to the club in her Will and told her I would give her a call the next week to discuss. When I called her back I found out that she wanted to give the glass NOW! My chin dropped in shock. Read More

Jane Dinkins: A Carnival Glass Person to Know

April 2009 RANGER | Carol Cinclair

On February 28th at the yearly business meeting of the Texas Carnival Glass Club, Jane Dinkins signed formal papers donating all (except for a few tumblers) of her one thousand plus pieces of Carnival Glass to the Texas Club. She told the club officers to do with it as they thought best. Her only request was that it be displayed in libraries, museums and schools before being sold so that others could learn about the glass. She said she did it, “…for the good of the glass.” Read More

LaNell and Jerry Roy: Texas Carnival Glass People to Know

April 2009 RANGER | Carol Cinclair

In February, at the thirtieth anniversary celebration of the Texas Carnival Glass Club, LaNell and Jerry Roy had an open house for all to come and view their various antique collections. Everyone was impressed! Where did all those hatpins come from and who are LaNell and Jerry Roy? Well this is the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say. Read More

Never Will Be Forgotten: Cecil Whitley

October 2010 RANGER | Dorothy Morgan

Cecil Whitley was a grand lady, a giver, and educator, a friend and a lover of carnival glass. But most of all she had a great love for Floyd and a great marriage of 48 years to the man she adored.

The first time I met Cecil I felt like I had been her friend for years. Read More

History of Carnival Glass

Jerry and Carol Curtis

At the turn of the 20th Century, the American Housewife wanted attractive glass for both utility and beauty to display in her home. The great majority of households could not afford the costly glass made by Steuben and Tiffany so in 1905, beautiful, yet inexpensive, glassware was introduced to the market that oftentimes has been referred to as “Poor Man’s Tiffany” and in later years, Carnival Glass. Read More

Imperial Lead Lustre Vases

October 2008 RANGER | Roy Hieger

I don’t know how I managed, for so long, to overlook Imperial’s Lead Lustre vases. I check the new carnival glass postings on eBay every day, and occasional Lead Lustre vases can be found there. They are not always identified as such, however. They are more likely to be found, and correctly identified, if one searches under Imperial Glass. Read More

Deco Vases

October 2008 RANGER | Sandy Sage

My heritage is Czech, I collect European carnival glass (especially Inwald and Rindskopf), and I love these rare, and truly unique, Art Deco vases. These huge, bulbous vases are a delight to behold, not only because of their size, but also because of the style and execution of the patterns. Read More

Double Daisy

September 2009 RANGER | Diann and Sylvester Walleck

While taking a break during a family graduation road trip, we “rested” by walking the rounds of a mid-size mall. What we found were the usual Carnival Glass suspects. However, since we look for different patterns, one rather non-descript enameled tumbler among a shelf of tumblers caught our eye as being unknown to us. Read More

Aqua Opal Fruits & Flowers Bowl and Purple Night Stars Nappy: Sometimes you get Lucky!

January 2010 RANGER | Emmett Morgan

I am sure most of us have examples of the Northwood Fruits & Flowers pattern. They are available in plates, bowls of various sizes and bonbons. The 7 ½” aqua opal bowl pictured was purchased off ebay this year from a dealer in Australia. The name of the dealer was Morgan Antiques. I though it unique and coincidental that the bowl traded hands between two Morgans. Read More

Identifying the Simple Grape Patterns

January 2010 RANGER | Walt Robinson

There is occasionally some confusion regarding the simple grape patterns: Fenton Vintage, Dugan Vintage Variant, and Millersburg Grape. You can refer to many sources and not end up with a clear method of distinguishing between some of these pieces. I offer the following in an attempt to clarify this situation. Read More

What is Beauty but an Illusion?

May 2010 RANGER | Diann and Sylvester Walleck

Do you recall the Norman Rockwell illustration of the pig-tailed, freckled faced, disheveled little girl with a black-eye sitting in front of the principal’s office with a very pleased look on her face? Most respond when viewing this image with “aw, isn’t she cute?” when she obviously is a mess! Why do we sometimes choose to appreciate that which lacks aesthetic appeal? Read More

Finally in Brenham!

May 2010 RANGER | Dorothy Morgan

Well I finally have my Lustre Rose round footed fruit bowl sitting where I can see the brilliant iridescence everyday. I have wanted this spectacular piece of carnival glass when I first saw it in 1996 or 1997 at the home of Preston Wells. Preston had found this fruit bowl in the Broadway Antique Mall in San Antonio. I just lusted over this bowl and begged Preston to sell it to me. Read More

Aztec Heart Shape Nappy

October 2010 RANGER | Jerry and Carol Curtis

We recently ran across this lovely little dish at a local antique shop. It is a production of the McKee Glass Company and bears that company’s “Pres Cut” mark in the center of the interior of the heart. This particular pattern is known in some Carnival pieces but it is rarely found and has not been previously reported in this particular shape. Read More

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