Member Glass for Sale

One of the many ways in which one obtains carnival glass is through direct purchase from another individual. With this thought in mind the Texas Carnival Glass Club is providing this web page for Buy / Sell activity service for our members. Simple rules for use of this function follow:

Glass For Sale Rules

1) Listings for Buy or Sell activity are available for club members only. Individuals responding to these listings need not be club members.

2) Listings will be placed on this site by Sandy Sage, the TCGC Web Administrator. However, TCGC has no responsibility for the accuracy of such listings or transactions associated with these listings.

3) Individuals may sell an item or items merely by submitting appropriate information to the TCGC site administrator. Picture, description of item, selling price, and contact information (email address and phone number... either or both).

4) TCGC site administrator may crop or resize picture. Listing will be posted for a duration of 90 days after which seller may request re-listing.

5) A listing may involve one or several items; however, one picture will be posted for any one listing. There will be a limit of five (5) listings at any one time per seller.

6) The same general rules apply to a Buy (Glass Wanted) listing.

7) It is generally agreed that one picture may not be sufficient to close a transaction. It is up to the potential buyer to communicate with the seller if additional pictures or information are required. It is the seller's responsibility to respond as he/she sees fit. Any offers of purchase are between the buyer and seller with no involvement from the TCGC site administrator. Shipping and handling are the responsibility of the seller.

8) It is the seller's responsibility to contact the site administrator within seven (7) days of a sale so that the listing can be removed from this site.

9) It is understood that the Texas Carnival Glass Club (TCGC) assumes no responsibility for the glass condition, appearance, quality, packaging, delivery, or any part of the associated financial transaction. TCGC is merely providing this free listing service as a convenience to our members.


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